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Limited Warranty

Abbyson warrants that the Abbyson goods sold comply with the description contained in this Warranty. All parts and products are warranted one year from the original date of delivery except: parts and products used for commercial, contract, rental trade, institutional, or any other non-residential purposes; parts and products that have not been maintained in accordance with the care recommendations provided by Abbyson; parts and products damaged resulting from the Consumer's improper assembly; or parts and products that are damaged or defective due to normal wear and tear.

To exercise rights under this warranty, proper documentation, i.e. photography, purchase order number, manufacturer's bar code label, and or any other pertinent information upon request is required. Abbyson reserves the right to repair or replace the product within the warranty period based upon the documentation received as support of a claim for consideration. Abbyson will not replace or repair any product if improper maintenance, improper handling or improper use caused the damage. Any Abbyson product sold from or modified by a Non-Authorized Dealer, Seller or Consumer will void the Warranty.

Abbyson does not supply repair parts free of charge to a third-party, unaffiliated warranty service provider. This warranty does not cover products sold or designated "FINAL SALE" or "AS IS" at the time of purchase. Warranty does not cover minor or production variation between product images and the sold product. Cost of packaging and shipping to and from Abbyson is not covered by the warranty unless expressly arranged by Abbyson. This warranty does not extend to furniture that has been exchanged or replaced by Abbyson as settlement of an original claim of defective merchandise. This warranty does not extend to furniture that has been moved from delivery location on original purchase order.


Warranty applies to Upholstery hardwood frames. These are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship, materials and construction for THREE (3) years from the date of delivery. This warranty does not include frames for beds, headboards and the like. Defects in workmanship and material are defined, for the purpose of this warranty, as causing the product to be unsound structurally or mechanically, or substantially altering the appearance of the piece. This warranty does not cover normal everyday use and does not apply to defects resulting from misuse, accident or negligence, or improper installation or handling by delivery service. (Updated 01/08/21)




Abbyson warrants all our upholstery fabrics against defective materials and workmanship for ONE (1) year from the date of delivery. This warranty covers seam failure and fabric separation. This warranty applies as long as it remains upholstered in the original fabric and is used under normal wear in normal conditions. This does not cover shrinkage, piling, or fading due to chemical after‐treatments or improper cleaning. Use of chemical treatment or improper cleaning invalidates the warranty.




Abbyson warrants all our leather products against manufacture defects for ONE (1) year from the date of delivery. Excluded from warranty are damage, fading, stretching, and dye lots. Leather's natural markings such as scars, brands, grain variations, wrinkle, etc., will be considered normal characteristics and not construed as defects. Nature's trademarks leave no two cow hides the same, so color variations could occur. Where there is evidence of excessive soiling, improper cleaning, abuse, or where the leather has had some form of chemical applied, this warranty will not apply. The warranty covers normal, everyday wear; however there are some contingencies that cannot be covered. These are: cuts, burns, stains, soiling or damage caused by pets; unreasonable use or improper installation of the fabric; or commercial, non‐residential or rental use.




Abbyson warrants seating against abnormal loss of resiliency of the upholstered furniture, including any supportive springs and/or webbing, for ONE (1) year from date of delivery, as long as it is used under normal wear and other normal conditions. Abnormal wear and abnormal loss of resiliency should not be confused with softening and flattening of the foam and fibers, which are considered normal wear, and are not defects.




Abbyson warrants our products with reclining system against manufacture defects for ONE (1) years from the date of delivery. This warranty covers metal reclining frames, footrest rails and its mechanism to be free of defects in manufacturing. (Updated 01/08/21)




Mechanical (non‐electric) release components (pull handles, cables, direct drive releases, etc) are warranted to be free of defects in manufacturing and workmanship for ONE (1) year from the date of delivery.




Electric motors, electric push button mechanism release, wiring, and all other electrical components included in the furniture set are warranted to be free of defects in manufacturing for ONE (1) year from the date of delivery. Care should be taken that the metal frame is not set upon any electrical cords. Extension cords are not recommended for use with electrical motion products. Variant difference in voltage/current ratios can damage electrical components. Electrical components should be plugged in only to properly grounded outlets. Electrical components should not be placed in a wet or damp area which could risk shock or fire.




Abbyson offers a limited warranty for your new mattress is covered by a 10-Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty. For 10 years after you purchase your new mattress, when it has a defect covered under the warranty, we will replace or repair it. The details of this warranty, and some limitations, are provided in the complete Warranty Description.


The following are NOT covered by Abbyson’s Limited 10-Year Warranty:

  • Transportation and inspection costs
  • Bedding used in hotels, motels, or institutional facilities or under any commercial capacity.
  • Bedding sold “as is”, or floor samples, or bedding purchased from secondhand parties, non-retail establishments or received as a promotional item.
  • Bedding height
  • Comfort Preference
  • Corner guards
  • Bent perimeter border rods due to moving or bending the sleep set for innerspring models
  • Damage of the mattress due to misuse or abuse
  • Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation or when an incorrect bed frame is used. A proper bed frame must provide sturdy support for the mattress; including a center support and having at least 5-6 legs for queen, king and cal king and 4 leg support for twin and full mattresses. For queen, king, and cal king slatted style bed frames, it is incumbent upon purchaser to ensure that the frame utilized offers ample structural support for the mattress in view of that slatted style frame. Failure to have a proper bed frame may invalidate the limited warranty. The use of a bed frame is important for the life and protection of your mattress. Neither mattresses, individually, nor sleep systems (mattress and foundation combination) are intended to sit/lay flat on the floor or on a waterbed frame or platform of untreated wood or untreated wood covered with fabric.

Please Note: We highly recommends a 3-bed beam support system or a support system of similar quality that is designed specifically to give slatted style bed frames for queen, king and cal king mattresses additional structural support.


  • Sheet fit
  • Fabric Stains, soiling, fluid penetration, tears, or burns
  • Adjustable foundations (see owner’s manual for details on warranty coverage)
  • Mattress fabric (except as noted in the Warranty Coverage Detail section for an All-Foam mattress)
  • Zippered mattress cover damage due to improper care including removal of cover. Zippered mattress covers are warrantied for ten years after the purchase date from manufacturing defects and workmanship, flaws of the zipper or seams, and tearing of the fabric under normal use. Covers with a zipper located on the bottom of the mattress should never be removed, see tag for spot cleaning suggestions. Covers with a zipper located on the side of the mattress can be removed for cleaning, see label for cleaning suggestions.
  • Normal change in softness and recovery time associated with memory foam and latex materials over time. This does not affect the pressure relieving qualities of these materials.
  • Body impressions in the mattress that measure less than 1½" for an innerspring mattress; less than ¾" for all smooth top (non-quilted) hybrid mattresses and All Foam model mattresses.
  • Sagging in the mattress that measures less than 1½" for an innerspring mattress; less than ¾" for all smooth top (non-quilted) hybrid mattresses and All Foam model mattresses. Sagging or Body impressions that measure ¾" or greater, only if the mattress has been continuously supported by a matching foundation (or equivalent) and used with an appropriate frame with center support or a minimum of 5 cross slats with center support that extends to the floor.



Abbyson reserves the right to refuse service and invalidate the warranty when the sleep set, even if defective, is in an unsanitary condition (due to blood or bodily fluid stains or soiling, infestation, or other abuse), when the sleep set has evidence of damage from liquid penetration, cleaning, or the use of cleaning fluids, or whenever the product failure is caused by factors other than defective workmanship or materials. Allowing the sleep set to be in an unsanitary condition may damage the product and invalidate the warranty. For the health and safety of anyone who would be required to dispose of, or otherwise handle, the sleep set, Abbyson may refuse to inspect such products to assess whether covered by the warranty, in which case, Abbyson reserves the right to deny warranty coverage. The use of cleaning fluids may damage the fabric and materials in your mattress. Allowing water or other liquids to penetrate your mattress may damage the layers of upholstery, causing materials to compress. Either of these situations may result in damage that will invalidate your warranty. Abbyson reserves the right to deny warranty coverage if the sleep set exhibits stains or soiling of unknown origin or nature and it appears to Abbyson, in good faith, that the sleep set may be in an unsanitary condition or may have been damaged by liquid penetration or other abuse. This warranty is given by the Abbyson manufacturer whose name and address appear on the law tag attached to your Abbyson product. We recommend that you examine the law tag attached to your Abbyson product and record the name and address of the Abbyson manufacturer, and your warranty code, on this warranty card. Retain the law tags and proof of purchase to validate warranty coverage.



If necessary, clean immediately with mild soap (non‐concentrated), diluted in lukewarm distilled or purified water and on a soft clean towel. Always try to clean in a small hidden area first. For oil, grease, or stubborn stains: consult a professional upholstery care company. Do not use bleach, oily substance, or strong detergent (including laundry detergents). Use of these materials with chemicals may harm and/or discolor the upholstery. Keep ink, fluids, bodily oils, chemicals and sharp objects away from upholstery. Exposure of leather or fabric to direct sunlight or extreme light sources may cause fading and/or damages. Do not use any heat lamps or hair dryers on the leather or fabric. Do not place over or near a direct heat source.




Abbyson cannot accept responsibility for further damages caused or injuries sustained that may result from the attempt of a "self-repair" by a Consumer. Abbyson recommends only trained service technicians attempt repairs to their motion furniture. Abbyson will only supply assembly instructions or make repair recommendations of trained repair personnel. Extra care should be taken when trained technicians work on motion furniture due to moving parts. No attempt should be made to inspect or repair furniture until all precautions have been taken to avoid injuries.


*Motion Furniture Contains Moving Parts and Safety Precautions Should Always Be Observed When Operating and / or Handling*