Bar & Counter Stools

Bar stools and counter stools are the perfect additions to your home for socializing and casual living. In the morning, seat yourself comfortably at the counter to enjoy your breakfast. In the evening, take your favorite beverage, pull up a seat, relax and chat about your day with family and friends.

At Abbyson Home, we offer a range of comfortably upholstered bar stools with backs or counter-height bar stools without backs. Whether in use or not, they make wonderful-looking statement pieces at your kitchen counter or bar areas.

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Modern Bar Stools Designed for Comfort

Stools can encourage people to gather around to socialize, eat or work together. Perhaps you want to be at the kitchen counter, conversing with the person who is cooking. If so, having a good bar counter stool to sit on keeps you comfortable and connects you with others in and around the kitchen. Kitchen bar stools also turn the counter into a casual space where you can have a meal together.

Similarly, if you have a bar area in your home, having elegant bar stools to sit on will keep friends and family comfortable while engaging with one another. They will also elevate the look of your home.

At Abbyson, we have a range of beautiful and comfortable bar and counter stools, including styles with backs, like the modern upholstered counter stools or the simple, clean lines of backless upholstered counter stools. Shop with us today.


What's the difference between a bar stool and a counter stool?

Height is the main difference between a bar stool and a counter stool. Bar stools are relatively taller and are made for high tables or bars. Counter stools are relatively shorter and are the appropriate height for kitchen islands or counters. 

At Abbyson, our bar stools come in a variety of styles, including the luxurious, upholstered tub-style, ornate classic tufted, and modern upholstered. The slightly lower seat-height counter stools come in several styles, including ones with a back and sleek, upholstered-seat backless styles.


Tips for Buying Bar stools

When choosing stools, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Consider the height of your counter or table. Aim for 10-12" of space between the bar stool seat and counter to comfortably allow for leg room. This prevents knees from bumping into the tabletop and ensures the seat is not too low either.

Consider functionality. Some bar stools are stationary, whereas others have adjustable swivels. Backless stools that slide beneath the counter when not in use free up a little space. Stools with supportive backs can make a design statement and provide more seating comfort. Evaluate the space around your bar area to determine the best fit for your needs.

Consider style. Choosing the right design of bar stools for your home can elevate the overall look, creating vertical lines and interest in your overall aesthetic. Modern bar stools will update the look. Wooden bar stools add texture and warmth.