The bedroom is a private space where you go to sleep, read, watch a movie or spend a quiet moment alone. Abbyson’s bedroom sets help you create a personal space where you can do all these things while being relaxed, comfortable, and always in style. Ranging from farmhouse to mid-century and contemporary to traditional, our bedroom sets are thoughtfully designed to match your needs and style.

How to Choose a Bedroom Set 

Choosing a Bedroom Set That Fits Your Space: There are two things to consider when choosing a bedroom set: space and style. You should choose a set that fits in your room, whether that’s a 3-piece bedroom set with a bed frame and two nightstands or the 6-piece bedroom set with a bed, two nightstands, a dresser, a high chest, and a mirror. Measure your room to see how many pieces can fit and how much space you have to walk around those pieces. Also, consider how much storage space you need. You might have room for six pieces but all you need is a 4-piece bedroom set with only one dresser. The more open space you have in your room, the more comfortable you will be in it.

Choosing a Bedroom Set That Fits Your Style: After you choose the number of pieces you need, you get to the fun part of choosing a style. If you want a serene retreat with clean lines and a crisp look, consider the Caterina 4-piece Bedroom Set that includes a bed, two nightstands, and a high chest. The set’s wood plank construction also makes it ideal for a farmhouse interior and can help create a cozy feel in the bedroom. 

To bring a mid-century look, check out the Retro Wood 4-piece Bedroom Set. Light stained wood set in a chevron pattern evoke classic Danish designs that can be paired with other clean-lined decor. For a softer and more indulgent design, look at Kensington Wood Storage 3-Piece Bedroom Set. Made with gray-finish wood and accented with upholstery, the set is focused on comfort. Under bed storage adds utility to the elegant set.

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