You need furniture that is realistic for your life. We understand most people want furniture that looks great but is also easy to clean and durable for regular everyday use. Our design and development process is built around understanding our customers on a deeper level.

As a result, we give you the latest trends and best-in-class quality. Our team is dedicated to developing products that deliver superior comfort, strength, and durability whilte staying ergonomic, eco-friendly, and tailored for simple upkeep.


Our dedication to innovation and quality starts with expert craftsmanship and efficient, sustainable manufacturing practices.

We blend state-of-art production methods with skilled artisans to develop superior furniture while minimizing waste.


Before we launched, we were selling to the top global E-commerce Retailers. Over the years, we have perfected our logistics and focused on becoming a vertically integrated lifestyle brand. We have full control of our supply chain, and this allows us to provide quality products, superb delivery, and first-rate customer service to our customers. Selling directly to you, simply made sense. Now you can style your home with products from us, the manufacturer, and have full confidence that we will take care of you and your furniture.


We use the leather we would want to accent our own homes. Every piece of leather is rigorously inspected per color, grain look, hand-feel, and defects.

The selection of hides and the development of finishes are two of the essential attributes to the quality of the furniture we make. this is why we partner with some of the best tanneries in the world.


A quality appearance is paramount for any furniture. All our pieces are expertly sanded and polished by hand. hand-finished by expert craftsman via a multi-step process provides an aesthetic that can't be performed by a machine or an assembly line.

"Designing products that elevate a space and bring joy to our customers and their homes is the driving force of our creative team."