Patio Sectionals


Patio sectionals are popular outdoor furniture for decks, living areas and patios. Sectional patio furniture combines the comfort of lounging with the convenience of seating. An Abbyson patio sectional can be customized to suit your style, tastes and, most importantly, the space you have. Our outdoor patio sectionals can be arranged in various ways to create a seating area, a lounging space, or a quiet area to escape the rat race.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Sections

It’s easy to transform your outdoor space into a sumptuous retreat with our selection of outdoor sectional sofas. From unwinding after a long day to hosting a backyard gathering, our patio sectionals are designed with your comfort in mind. 

Featuring durable construction and plush cushions, our outdoor furniture offers the perfect balance of style and relaxation. Our range allows you to create a seating arrangement that complements your outdoor decor while reflecting your taste.

Abbyson patio furniture is available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Our L-shaped outdoor sectional is popular as it maximizes space in corners while accentuating linear structures. For smaller outdoor spaces, our corner chair and ottoman sectionals are ideal for relaxing outside.

What are the most popular patio sectionals?

Abbyson patio sectionals are available in various styles and colors, as well as several different sizes and configurations. 

Our 2-pc modular patio sectionals are crafted with durable and weather-resistant materials. With various customization options available, this outdoor living furniture suits all tastes and styles.

Meanwhile, our 6-pc modular patio sectionals offer lightweight and versatile options for outdoor settings. With the ability to customize configurations to suit your style and space, these patio sectionals are available in different colors.

Abbyson 11-pc modular sectionals offer options to combine and configure for a customized look that fits your outdoor living space. Comfortable and weatherproof, these sectionals will quickly become a favorite spot for entertaining family and friends.

How to choose the right patio sectional for your home

Finding the right sectional patio furniture for your home requires understanding your needs and how you plan to use the sectional outdoor patio furniture. It's also important to carefully measure your deck or patio area to determine any space limitations. 

Another factor worth considering is the configuration of your sectional patio set. A curved sectional will create a welcoming and entertaining space for conversations, while linear styles of sectional patio sets with additional ottomans will maximize seating capacity.

Lastly, it's crucial to select outdoor furniture that is crafted from weather-resistant and durable materials. This choice is key to ensuring the longevity of your furniture, as it will be exposed to various elements. To provide complete protection, consider using our patio furniture covers, which are available for all our patio sectionals.