Serve up a fresh look in your home with our modern selection of dining chairs and dining chair sets. Upholstered with velvet, faux leather, and various fabrics, our chairs are made to enhance the look and feel of your space while offering comfort and style during meal time.

Select a single chair style to put around your table or mix various designs for a more eclectic look. Whether you want to create a formal place to gather or a casual area to hang out, our chairs make the perfect statement in your home. 

Arm chairs: Arm chairs can be used in both formal and casual settings, whether placed in a dining room or as an accent piece elsewhere in the home. Set arm chairs at the head of the table to create special seats or share their comfort with everyone by placing them all around the table. Look at the Mansell Linen Dining Chair for a modern and clean lined option that can fit traditional and contemporary spaces alike.

Side chairs: Side chairs are just as versatile as arm chairs and can be used in both formal and informal settings. Not having arms generally makes the chairs more narrow, so consider them if you are tight on space. The French Vintage Dining Chair is an elegant and upholstered choice that can work around a table or gracing a hallway. Its neutral colored fabric makes it a versatile choice for any setting. 

Wood: Our wood dining chairs are expertly crafted and finished with lacquers or stains that enhance the wood’s natural beauty. Browse our upholstered wood dining chairs for seating that blends style and comfort.

Velvet: Introduce luxury to your dining space with our velvet upholstered chairs. Soft to the touch and available in both contemporary and traditional styles, this plush fabric will be sure to make an impression. 

Fabric: Our fabric upholstered chairs offer comfort, durability, and subtle pops of color to help complete the look of your dining space.

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