A Guide To Sunbrella® Fabric For Outdoor Furniture

Since bursting onto the market in the 1960s as a revolutionary performance fabric of choice for outdoor furniture, Sunbrella® fabric has grown from strength to strength. 

Synonymous with being durable, comfortable and stylish, this iconic, high-quality outdoor material has only improved over time.

In this blog, we will explore what Sunbrella® fabric is and some of its outstanding benefits as an outdoor furniture material. You will also get to know the various grades of Sunbrella® fabric, tips on choosing the right grade of Sunbrella® for your outdoor furniture and learn about care instructions.

On top of that, we will introduce you to some of Abbyson’s most beautiful outdoor settings (featuring Sunbrella® fabric) to create long-lasting comfort and beauty in the outdoor areas of your home.

What is Sunbrella® Fabric?

Have you ever wondered, what is Sunbrella® fabric made of? We’re glad you asked. The highest grade of Sunbrella® (grade C) is a 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric. This means that every Sunbrella® fabric thread is dyed all the way to the core rather than just on the surface. To compare this concept to a vegetable, it’s similar to the all-the-way-through color saturation of a carrot when it is cut. Contrast this to a cut radish, which is only red on the outer surface, and white (colorless) on the inside.

It is this saturated, solution-dyed quality of Sunbrella® fabric that makes it stand out in the market. It is simply unmatched for maintaining its long-lasting true color.


Over the years, a lot of innovation has taken place to evolve the original Sunbrella® fabric. Today, three main grades of Sunbrella® fabric are on offer to cater to different environmental conditions, personal preferences and price points.

Each is characterized by increasing degrees of quality, sophistication of texture and patterns, and ability to withstand environmental factors. Grade A marks the basic level and progresses to grade C. But regardless of grade, Sunbrella® remains a premium fabric that is superior to many others.

Grade A

Grade A is the introductory-grade Sunbrella® fabric. It is made from polyester or polyester blends. While it is water, mold, mildew and stain resistant, it is not color-saturated and so color can fade with exposure to the sun and rain. The grade A fabric is ideal for use in outdoor furniture that is in well-protected patio areas. It is also the most affordable version of Sunbrella® fabric on the market.

Grade B

The mid-range option of Sunbrella® fabric is known as grade B, and is made from a base of olefins. This improves the fabric’s ability to resist fading, stains and deterioration. Grade B Sunbrella® fabric is a relatively softer material than grade A. With its better ability to withstand wear and tear, grade B Sunbrella® fabric is an ideal (but still affordable) option for use when pets and children are around.

Grade C

Grade C Sunbrella® fabric is a premium-grade fabric made exclusively of acrylics, the fibers of which have been solution-dyed for total color saturation. This grade attracts the highest price point but is also the most resistant to wear and tear and fading. It’s ideal for use in heavily-frequented places such as restaurants and cafes. Some people also recognise a grade D of Sunbrella® fabric, but this is essentially the same composition as the Grade C, being differentiated by more intricate design patterns and specialized weaves.

How to Choose the Right Sunbrella® Grade For Your Outdoor Furniture

When selecting the Sunbrella® grade for your outdoor furniture, it is good to first pause and consider your requirements.

Before you purchase your outdoor furniture, consider:

  • The level of ultraviolet ray sun exposure the fabric will be subject to. Exposure to a lot of sunshine will require grade B or grade C fabric. If you live in a cooler climate and your furniture is well protected, grade A is fine.
  • Will the fabric be in an area that is heavily subject to dust and moisture? If so, grade B or C is appropriate. Otherwise, grade A Sunbrella® is normally sufficient.
  • Do you want a large variety of color-saturated designs and textures, or simply need a basic fabric with Sunbrella® wonderful water, mold and mildew-resistant qualities? While the color and texture range of grade B and C may satisfy your need for color and texture, grade A is still a high quality performance fabric that may be sufficient for your needs.

The grade of Sunbrella® fabric you choose should ultimately be matched to the environment in which the outdoor setting is placed in (exposure to sun, wind and rain) and your budget. 

How To Care For Sunbrella® Outdoor Furniture

Like all fabrics, Sunbrella® fabric must be kept clean to maintain it at its best. And given that dirt attracts mold and mildew, it is important to keep items made from Sunbrella® fabric clean by brushing them with a soft bristle brush. For small stains, spot clean by spraying the area with water and a little mild soap and dab without rubbing. The quicker that spills and stains get cleaned off, the less likely that the fabric will be affected. For any stubborn stains, mix the water and soap solution with a small amount of diluted bleach. Spray onto the Sunbrella® fabric and brush the area with the soft bristle brush.

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