We have combined the best advances in fabric & sleep technology to create the perfect mattress. The high-quality memory foam conforms to your body and evenly disperses your body weight to relieve pressure points, while the cool gel regulates body temperature, for a peaceful night's sleep.

Cooling Comfort

The Gel-Infused Memory Foam Will Hug Your Body And Keep You Cool.

The Abbyson mattress is infused with cooling gel beads that draws heat away from the body to regulate body temperature and offer cool-to-touch comfort. A breathable and delicate Oeko-Tex Certified top knitted mattress cover creates smooth soft comfort and prevents overheating.

Targeted Support

Highly Supportive Foam Provides Full-Body Stability & Comfort.

We use memory foam with a unique open cell structure that responds to body weight and temperature. It also has a breathable function that minimizes the effects of surface stress on the body during sleep, aligning the spine and relieving pressure head-to-toe for optimal rest.

Mattress Sizes

A Twin size mattress in 75 inches long and 38 inches wide, while a Cal king mattress is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide.