Fabric Recliner Sofas

Make the most of your downtime with one of our luxurious fabric recliner sofas. Find your perfect position, elevate your feet, and enjoy pure comfort with a reclining fabric couch while you watch a movie or read a book. At Abbyson Home, you’ll find a great selection of quality traditional and modern fabric recliner sofas to meet your every need.

Shop Our Range of Fabric Recliner Sofas

Our collection of reclining fabric sofas offers options for luxury comfort in your own home with the convenience of technology-enhanced power reclining chairs. Some also have manual headrests for extra comfort. When it comes to choosing fabric recliner chairs, we offer a variety of fabrics, including stain-proof fabric and durable polyester in myriad different colors. If you prefer, we also offer leather reclining sofas too.

Choose a fabric recliner sofa to add a sophisticated look to your living room. Our versatile and functional designs provide beautiful and functional types of fabric recliner sofas to suit different sizes and shaped spaces. Sink your body into an individual fabric recliner chair, supreme fabric reclining sectional sofa or plush reclining fabric loveseat to kick back and rest. 

When it comes to quality materials, Abbyson Home uses the finest fabrics and materials to provide high-quality products. Solid hardwood frames offer everlasting support and comfort, and our fabrics are durable and hardwearing, so they stay looking good for longer. 

To enhance your fabric recliner sofa, add some throw rugs and pillows for extra style and luxury. Opt for different textures such as velvet, tassels and linens to create additional depth, warmth and a touch of sophistication. Transform your space with a side table and lamp to create a cozy evening atmosphere that will make your room feel inviting and luxurious. 

How Do I Care For My Fabric Recliner Sofa?

Maintaining your fabric recliner couch is crucial for maintaining its overall appearance and increasing its lifespan. Dust the fabric regularly with a vacuum and avoid using chemicals. Gently dab out any stains with a damp cloth.  Don’t rub the stain.

Avoid stubborn stains and protect your fabric sofa with a recliner by keeping household chemicals, such as detergents, nail polish and bleach, away from your furniture. Allowing animals on your fabric recliner sofa is not recommended. Their claws may scratch the fabric covers or wooden legs, which can lead to expensive repairs. 

Are Abbyson’s Fabric Recliner Sofas Suitable For Small Spaces?

Abbyson has fabric recliner sofas for spaces of all sizes. When selecting your fabric sofa, consider the shape and size of your living room so that you choose the best one for your space. Single-seat fabric recliner sofas are ideal for most smaller spaces, providing a traditional and cozy place to relax. Keep in mind the recline feature of your sofa to ensure you have enough space to maximize your relaxation and comfort.