Swivel Accent Chairs 

Welcome to our range of swivel accent chairs – elegant, comfortable, ergonomic and versatile. Create an environment of rest and relaxation. Our swivel accent chairs are sturdy, with supportive backrests and made from soft, luxurious fabrics or leather. Sit for an hour or a day. Optimise your sitting experience. Swivel accent chairs can rotate 360 degrees, making it easy to chat with others or focus on the TV or fireplace. The swivel feature makes it easier to stand up or sit down. Make a statement. Our swivel accent chairs are eye-catching and add a touch of flair. Looking for a swivel accent chair for your living room? How about the study? You can move your swivel accent chair easily from room to room.  

Discover our range of Swivel Accent Chairs

Think swivel accent chairs may not be the end of your accent chair obsession? We have a huge range to help you create the perfect style, function and ambience for your home.  

Explore the perfect swivel accent chair for your home 

There’s an Abbyson swivel accent chair for every home.

Suit your style: need a modern swivel accent chair? How about contemporary, traditional and mid-century looks?

Suit your Lifestyle: Toddlers and small children about? Our leather swivel accent chair can be easily wiped clean. Just a space for the grown-ups? Go for a lux soft fabric.  

Suit your color palette: choose from white, ivory, camel or grey to create cohesion or contrast.

Suit your budget: ranging from a member’s only price of $596 to $1121. 

Shipping Information For Customers

Don’t wait months for your beautiful swivel accent chair. Your order is shipped within one week of placing your order.

We offer:

  • Free Standard Shipping for Members on All Items
  • White Glove In-Home Delivery
  • Quick Processing and Shipping: 
  • Order processing; 3-7 business days, from the date of order
  • Delivery Timeframe: Approximately 2-4 weeks (oversized items) or 2-7 business days (small parcel) after your order ships. 


What are the primary benefits of using a swivel chair?

  • 360-degree rotation, allowing you a greater range of motion and flexibility
  • Easy chair access and exit
  • Optimal viewing angles for you to speak to other people, watch the TV and fireplace.
  • As a statement piece. 

How do I ensure the stability and safety of my swivel chair?

  • Follow assembly instructions
  • Adhere to the weight capacity specified
  • Tighten loose components
  • Test the chair’s stability on different surfaces.

Are swivel chairs suitable for both home and office environments?

Yes! The swivel chair’s mobility, ergonomics, versatility and adaptability make them well-suited to the home or office.

Are there different types of swivel mechanisms available for chairs?

Yes, there are several different types, with common ones including:

  • Plate swivel - a flat metal plate is attached to the bottom of the chair and rotates on a central axis.
  • Ball Bearing Swivel - ball bearings are placed between two circular plates, allowing the chair to rotate smoothly.
  • Memory return swivel mechanism - designed to return the chair to a forward-facing position when the user stands up.
  • Wooden Swivel base - allows the chair to rotate while providing a classic and elegant aesthetic.