2-Seater Sofas 

With meticulous craftsmanship, high-quality materials and supreme comfort, the Abbyson range of 2-seater couches is the perfect addition to your home or office. Featuring an extensive collection to suit your style, existing décor and living space, there’s plenty of choice. Crafted using the finest materials, including luxurious leather and plush fabric, and hand-finished by experts, you’ll find your ideal 2-people sofa online at Abbyson.

2-Seater Sofas Designed for Comfort, Crafted for Life

For over 30 years, Abbyson has been expertly designing sofas made to be lived on, choosing only the finest materials they’d want in their homes. Their dedication has led to their range of two-seater couches being versatile, durable and supremely comfortable.

The Abbyson range of 2-seater couches is perfect for small living spaces, as extra seating in larger family rooms, theater rooms, offices, or bedrooms. From luxe loveseats to boucle fabric sofas and recliners, you’ll find a style at Abbyson to suit your space.

The on-trend, neutral tones are purposely selected to fit most décor choices and can be styled with accent pillows. The contemporary designs, complimented by durable fabrics, mean your two-seater couch will last for many years.  

You can choose from luxurious leather, hand-selected to be of the finest grade, or a two-seater fabric sofa with a stain-resistant finish. The high-quality materials used within the couch offer superior comfort levels that are second to none.

With a commitment to using sustainable practices and materials, Abbyson only uses responsibly sourced materials, so you can buy an eco-friendly sofa without compromising quality or style.

To find your perfect 2-people sofa, order a color swatch to match your décor, or contact our support team for expert advice.

What Care and Maintenance Do 2-Seater Sofas Require?

Although Abbyson uses only the best materials when crafting your couch to ensure longevity, there are a few things you can do to care for and maintain the appearance of your couch.

To prolong the longevity of your 2-seater couch, here are our top 10 hints and tips:

  • Control the temperature of the room (moderate heat with little humidity).
  • Avoid direct sunlight or extreme light sources, which can fade your material or wooden finishes.
  • Vacuum your two-seater fabric sofa once a week to prevent dust and dirt from building up.
  • Place your couch on a level surface to prevent the frame warping.
  • Avoid using abrasives, harsh or corrosive chemicals, or care products containing ammonia or silicone.
  • Use clean, soft cotton rags to wipe dust off the wooden parts of your couch.
  • Use an approved leather conditioner or wipes every few months to moisturize the leather.
  • Keep pets off your sofa to avoid animal stains and possible claw scratches (unless they’re on a blanket).
  • To keep your pillows looking new, rotate where you sit on the couch.
  • Treat spills immediately with mild soap (non-concentrated) diluted in lukewarm distilled or purified water and a soft, clean towel.

Your new Abbyson two-seater couch will come with a warranty, so you can rest assured that if anything happens as the fault of manufacturing, you’ll have an avenue for replacement.