Wooden Beds

The bedroom is a private space where you go to sleep, read, watch a movie or spend a quiet moment alone. Abbyson’s bedroom sets help you create a personal space where you can do all these things while being relaxed, comfortable, and always in style. Ranging from farmhouse to mid-century and contemporary to traditional, our bedroom sets are thoughtfully designed to match your needs and style.

Wood Beds

These beds make bold statements with their natural solid wood grain patterns and dark, elegant stains. Lighter wood beds options like Caymen Bed offer a more casual look while the inset panels on the head and footboards highlight its craftsmanship. Dark wood, like what’s used in Caymen Bed, suits more formal rooms, especially with its high headboard and distressed wood, which gives the bed an aged look. Another dark wood option is the timeless Madeline Bed. Made in the traditional sleigh bed style, this regal piece will bring a luxurious look to your bedroom. For a modern and casual bedroom, consider the Fairfax Chevron. The wood, set in a crisp chevron pattern, is gray washed to soften its look while still letting the natural grain pattern shine through. 

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