How To Choose The Right Sectional Sofa For Your Home

Sectional sofas have become popular as they provide a versatile alternative to a regular sofa. Bigger than a standard sofa, they are a great choice whether you live in a small apartment or a mansion.  Increasingly popular for their flexibility in terms of layout, you can maximize your space without sacrificing style or decoration. Today’s modern sectionals provide elegance and refinement, with endless possibilities, ranging from upholstered velvet, linen or cotton. Their versatility means they can be used in any room size, from a small study to a large living room. Read on for some styling tips for sectional sofas for any home.

Why Choose a Sectional Sofa For Your Home

Understanding what a sectional sofa is will help you choose the right one for your home. They are two or more pieces of upholstered furniture that are joined sections for sitting. Sections can include one or more powered recline seats along with stationary sections. A feature of sectional sofas is the versatility of their configurations, depending on room layouts and preferences. Sectionals can break up an open floor plan to break up a large space into different “rooms,” and they can also provide a focal point for a living room. For a smaller space, a sectional can maximize the available space and offer more seating options than a regular sofa.

The Different Variates & Shapes of a Sectional Sofa

There are many options for arranging and styling the shape of a sectional sofa. Learn about some of the options below to help you choose the style you want.

Styling Sectional Sofas in Various House Designs

Understanding how to style a sectional sofa is key to choosing the right one. They are an adaptable and versatile piece of furniture and can be turned into the focal point of your living room with careful planning. Embrace the symmetry and shape of the room and choose fabrics to compliment the overall home decor. Be aware of your left from right, especially when choosing an L-shape or chaise sectional. While they are versatile furniture, plan out where it will go to ensure you have enough space to fit the room with your current furniture. 

Appreciating how to arrange pillows on a sectional sofa with throw rugs and cushions is also important. Learn how to decorate with a sectional sofa below.

Modern and Contemporary Spaces 

Styling your sectional sofa is all about creating a balance between color, texture and comfort. Use the color of the upholstery to guide your pillow and blanket palette. For large spaces, contrasting colors is not a good idea. Choose similar color contrasts, e.g., warm color upholstery with warm color throw rugs and pillows. Focus on clean lines and open spaces with natural light and colors. Avoid bold colors

Traditional and Classic Interiors 

When choosing a sectional sofa for a traditional or classical interior, you are thinking about something that is timeless and won’t go out of date. Choose classical leather or a stylish upholstered design in muted colors such as brown, tan, or black. 

Small and Compact Living Areas

Choosing the right sectional for a small space is key to not making the room feel claustrophobic. Maximize your space by choosing a corner placement of an L-shaped sectional sofa. This will open up the room without blocking off the flow of traffic and maximize seating. 

Another popular place is against the window to bring in natural light and create an illusion of space. If your home is open plan, place the sectional sofa towards the center and use it as a divider to break up the space between the living room and kitchen. 

Eclectic and Bohemian Settings

Incorporating sectional sofas into an eclectic or Bohemian-styled setting takes a little creativity. Mix up your textures, patterns and colors to personalize your space. Contrast is your friend. Don’t be afraid to pair straight lines with curves and bold colors with neutral colors. Choose ottomans for additional texture and comfort for creating a relaxing atmosphere. 

Family-Friendly and Practical Layouts

To keep your sectional sofa looking good for longer, choose sturdy fabrics and washable covers that are stain-resistant. Mess follows children, so choose colors that are not too light. Avoid white. Choose a design with rounded edges for safety. Choose a style that allows space for the flow of traffic in your living children. Little people are often in a hurry, so you want a practical design for your space. Less is more for cushions, which are likely to end up on the floor. Add some in the corners of your sectional to create a cozy but not cluttered look.

Luxurious and Glamorous Designs 

Elevate the style of your sectional sofa by choosing lush fabrics such as velvet and silk. Be generous with pillows that complement the color palette and are also made from decadent and soft fabrics. Choose carefully placed side tables, and pair your sectional sofa with quality furniture accented with metallic and glass elements. Displaying art on the wall above a sofa can elevate the space around your seating.

Transform Your Space with a Stylish Sectional Sofa 

Styling your home and transforming any space with a sectional sofa takes time and planning. Consider your home design, the current furniture and decor and the color palette already used. Choose from our stylish collections of sectional sofas and furniture and order today.