New Year, New You: 2024 Furniture Trend

A new year brings new possibilities, and when it comes to the most essential aspect of our lives - our homes - many people look to new home furniture trends for inspiration for starting the year fresh.

The good news is that refreshing your home doesn’t have to be a massive undertaking. All it takes is bringing in a few key décor items, or a statement piece, or swapping a couple of tired pieces of furniture for one that serves a dual purpose, and you’ve instantly given your home a makeover, ready to ring in the possibilities a new year brings.

We have compiled some of the best furniture trends in 2024 to inspire your home refresh project and help you welcome the new year in style. 

Furniture Trends to Look Forward to in 2024

When it comes to what furniture is in style for 2024 the Scandi minimalism that was popular a few years back is definitely out! The major themes and aesthetics gaining popularity are all about color, patterns and textures. There’s also a tendency towards artistic flair, with furniture and décor pieces doing double duty as artwork and statement pieces.

What’s more, with many people now working from home, comfort is key when it comes to home furniture trends, with plusher seating, armchairs with soft lines and curves and pieces that can serve a multipurpose function, such as a side table that can serve as a bookshelf or bedside table.


Bring 2024’s Furniture Trends Into Your Home with Abbyson

Refreshing your home for the new year doesn’t have to be complicated, intimidating, or a huge undertaking involving total replacement of all your furniture. The key to updating the look and feel of your home is investing in key pieces that will draw the eye away from tired old décor elements and create a focal point in a space.

Take inspiration from Abbyson’s new season furniture, which features the latest furniture trends of 2024, to make rejuvenating your home much easier.

If you need help choosing the right furniture, we offer personalized callbacks upon request, or you can reach us via the live chat feature on our website.