Our Story


Over 30 Years of Experience


For over 30 years Abbyson has taken great pride in being a family-based home furnishings brand that continually redefines itself through modern-day living.

Our strategically aligned, full-spectrum business model and operations allows us to fully service major online furniture retailers and the core audience that is driving today's market.

Our Mission

We understand the modern furniture buyer and consumer on a deeper level as well as have a keen eye on the popular trends that are driving online traffic and furniture sales. That's why our mission has always been to help them bring their homes to life with quality furniture at unbeatable prices.

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Our Commitment

Here at Abbyson, we are truly passionate about creating reliable and trustworthy partnerships. From the instant our customers research our products to when it arrives in their home, we understand their immediate needs. Through affordable trend-driven designs, accessible product information online, efficient drop-shipping and delivery, and personalized customer support, we bring it all together.

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Over 30 Years of History

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What Other Companies Say About Us


We are honored and extremely humbled to receive these recognitions. Thank you to our employee's, partners and customers that enjoy our beautiful products; who inspire us to work hard to constantly improve our quality of merchandise, customer service and trendy home furnishings that fit their individual lifestyles.