5 Tips To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger


Decorating small spaces can be challenging. Trying to cram all your furniture and precious items into a tiny space can make it feel claustrophobic and cramped. Read on to get our top 5 styling tips on how to make a small room look bigger. From using light and neutral colors to choosing the proper lighting and mirrors.

Use Light and Neutral Colors

One of the easiest ways to make your small space look bigger is to use pale neutrals like beige, white and cream. Light blue and green are also useful palettes to use in smaller spaces. 

Don't underestimate the power of a single color. Applying the same shade of white paint on both your walls and ceiling can work wonders in any room. This design trick creates an illusion of airiness and lightness, as the white paint reflects the light, making the walls seem more expansive than they are.

Off-white colors can be softer than clean white and will be easier to contrast with natural greenery and pops of vibrant color. This style option works well in rooms that are more relaxed and fun. Clean white colors offer a feeling of calm and are ideal when paired with wooden flooring. With a neutral, light couch and green plants, this style is a perfect way to make a room look bigger.

Abbyson Home décor collection offers a range of items, including pillows and decorative objects. Choosing neutral and light-colored items will help simplify the space and create a feeling of calm and serenity.

Abbyson Home's range of neutral-colored living room furniture can be the focus point of your small space room design. Our striking range of new couches, chairs, media consoles and ottomans in neutral colors spans traditional, mid-century, and contemporary styles.

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

When it comes to small room ideas, choosing multi-functional furniture saves space and offers storage options. Abbyson’s collection of multi-functional furniture provides style and practicality. From an entertainment console that houses the TV and audio equipment to a sofa with storage and the flexibility and functionality to transform into a bed. Multi-functional furniture is the answer to how to make a small living room look bigger.

The Luna Media Console brings function and style to your living space. Modern wood detailing and a chic birch veneer provide shelving and cord management solutions for your entertainment unit. With an anti-scratch top and secure closing doors, it’s perfect for people with young children.

The Newton Reversible Storage Sofa Bed Sectional is crafted from wood and beautiful upholstery in various colors. With built-in storage space, this multi-functional furniture quickly transforms into a comfortable sleeper bed perfect for guests.

The Evella Upholstered Storage Bench is a stylish and functional bench that brings sophistication and convenience to your living space. Ideal as a dining bench, it offers ample storage options. Crafted from black metal legs and luxurious upholstery, this multi-functional bench provides style and comfort.

Implement Strategic Lighting

Any room will look larger when it’s well-lit by either natural light or artificial lighting. Another small room idea to improve the space in your room is to remove heavy drapes and blinds to open up the windows to light. Recessed and track lighting can also add light and space to small rooms. Adding lamps is an ideal way to create the feeling of more space and light. Abbyson Home lighting range includes table and floor lamps in a variety of styles and colors, including:

Table Lamp

Abbyson Home Boyle Burnished Wood Floor Lamp features solid wood supports in a burnished honey stain and is accented with brushed, plated coffee bronze iron details.

Floor Lamp

Abbyson Home Boyle Burnished Wood Floor Lamp features solid wood supports in a burnished honey stain and is accented with brushed, plated coffee bronze iron details.

Add Mirrors to Reflect Space

Elegant and functional, mirrors are a designer’s secret tool for making a small room look bigger. By reflecting light and breaking up visual clutter, mirrors can add depth to a room and create the illusion it is larger than it is. Mirrors can also function as a decorative touch and make rooms feel lighter by reflecting light from windows.

Abbyson Home mirrors are available in a range of styles and shapes. From classic oval and round shapes to beautiful wood, rope, and metal frames. Our mirrors can help a small space look bigger by reflecting the view and tricking the eye into perceiving more space.

Declutter and Organize

One of the most important things to make a small room look bigger and feel bigger is decluttering and organizing. All small space room design needs to start with an editing process. Having a lot of decorative items and furniture in a room not only makes the room feel cluttered but can also make it smaller than it is. Innovative storage solutions can make a room feel bigger while keeping it less cluttered.

Abbyson Home storage solutions include the Westcliffe 3-piece Storage Bedroom Set. Crafted from acacia veneer and Asian hardwood solid frames, this bedroom set offers a minimalistic look with ample storage space.

The Cleo Storage Bench Ottoman offers an intelligent storage solution that is also comfortable and functional. Crafted from solid hardwood and upholstered in high-density foam cushions, this beautiful piece is perfect for any modern living space.

Make Your Small Space Look Bigger with Abbyson

Abbyson Home furniture and décor have been designed to help maximize the look and feel of small spaces. Understanding small-space room design can help make a small room look bigger. The five answers to how to make small rooms look bigger:

1. Using light and neutral colors,

2. Choosing multi-functional furniture,

3. Using lighting strategically,

4. Adding mirrors to reflect space, and

5.Decluttering and organizing.

For over 30 years, Abbyson Home has been supplying unique, award-winning home furnishings to the North American market. Available online with manufacturer-direct pricing, Abbyson Home collaborates with world-renowned designers to produce comfortable, stylish, and affordable home furnishings. For options on how to make a room look bigger and transform your living area, shop our range online today.