At Abbyson, our dedication to value and passion for constant improvement begins with efficient manufacturing and expert craftsmanship. We feature state-of-the-art methods and technology in our production to make sure we deliver the most attractive, durable, ergonomic, and eco-friendly product possible to our customers.

We are proud to say that our success rate for a first-time pass is 99%. Once fabrication is complete, we provide an "X point" inspection before anything can be packed for shipping, which means that our customers will receive a superior product with exceptional appeal and expert finishing every time.

Fabric & Leather Control

Fabrics set the tone of quality. With the level of craftsmanship that goes into Abbyson product we use only the best fabrics and leathers selected from an extensive international material library. All materials are subject to strict tests to determine their durability, color-fastness and how easy they are to clean. They fulfil the test criteria for both national and international requirements.


We use the leather we would want accenting our own homes. Every piece of leather is rigorously inspected per color, gain look, hand feel and defects. We’ve learned that selection of hides and the development of finishes are two of the most important attribute to the quality of the furniture we make. This is why we partner with some of the best tanneries in the world.


Cutting leather is about craftsmanship. We have mastered the art of maximizing the usage of our leather and cutting the best pieces for their related use. Cushions which are to be on show in the finished item require the best and largest pieces of leather. The level of expertise needed to meet this level of quality with is unparalleled within the industry.


Clear seam lines, precise seams in variable constructions and exact piping determine the quality of upholstered furniture. We also look at the machine and method, we use only the best machines with reduced speeds and pre-lubricated thread to prevent damaging the fabrics during construction The basis of this many years of experience working with fabrics and leather, an understanding of how best to combine the pieces, and extreme attention to detail for the fine seams of the often heavy leather covers.

Casegoods Dovetail Joints

English and French dovetail joints are used on the drawer fronts, sides and backs. The dovetail joint provided a masterfully crafted and structurally sound method of joining two pieces of wood at a right angle. It remains the tried and true choice of superior furniture.

Metal & Wood Finish

A quality appearance is pinnacle for any wood or metal furniture. All our pieces are expertly sanded and polished by hand. Wood product is hand finished by expert craftsmen per a multi-step process to provide a look that can’t be done with a machine or on an assembly line. Our Metal product is machine finished, with a follow up hand polish. This hands-on approach within our manufacturing not only makes for the best appearance, but this also adds to the operational excellence of the unit by reducing fiction with wood product and imperfections with metal product.

Wood & Metal

Skilled craftsmen select, drill, form, cut and weld raw materials. The years of experience working with different types of materials allow us to transform raw materials that blend age-old craftsmanship and new technologies to create the highest quality furniture available. With our years of experience we take special care to ensure distinguishing wood and metal characteristics complement the design of each piece. For example, end panels are matched to the grain patterns of cabinet tops and drawer fronts and metal pieces are smoothed and oxidized to transition elegantly between pieces.

Bureau Veritas Partnership

Abbyson partners with the Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services division (BVCPS) which is a world-leading concept-to-consumer quality assurance and compliance services provider to manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Throughout the years Abbyson has implemented high quality product development standards to ensure the best quality merchandise are made for its consumers!

• Product Testing and Certification
• Product Quality Inspections
• Social Accountability / Technical Audits
• Engineering and Consulting
• Eco-design / Sustainability Solutions
• Information / Knowledge Management
• Supply Chain Quality / Risk Management
• Training and Seminars

Exclusive comfort seating

Available in select Abbyson Living products, Exclusive Comfort Seating is an innovative cushioning system has set a new standard for comfort and support through an advanced high density foam core made to contour to the body. The high density foam seat cushions are topped off with a layer of spun fiber and arve wrapped in high-end Dacron for utmost softness, support and longevity. The arms and back cushions feature high-quality spun fiber fillings as well, which are blown, baffled and bagged into separate sections for additional support. Completing the fabrication is the seating construction, which is supported by a 2.2 High Density foam base layer over elastic webbing for even weight distribution and added support and stability.


  • High density foam core for durable support
  • Pillow top seating components providing plush initial layer
  • Wrapped in soft Dacron for added comfort and fullness


  • Back cushions are detachable via Interlocking Fabrics
  • Feature premium quality spun fibers and Dacron fillings which are blown baffled and bagged