Q: Where can I purchase Abbyson Living products?
A: Abbyson Living is a national brand and a wholesaler, designer and manufacturer. Abbyson product and its collections cannot be purchased directly from our website. To purchase any items, please Google the brand name and buy from any one of the many authorized dealers. Most of your favorite online retailers will carry Abbyson Living collections.
Q: Can I request fabric/leather swatches for products I am interested in?
A: Yes. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include your name, address, phone number, collection of interest and web site you are considering to purchase from. Please allow 5-7 days for receipt.
Q: Can I order directly from you?
A: Abbyson Living is a Lifestyle Designer of quality home-furnishings and operates on a wholesale basis.
Q: When are you going to post pictures of your new collections?
A: Please visit http://www.abbyson.com/furniture-collections for the most up to date collection pictures, information, and videos.
Q: Where can I find care instructions for your product?
A: Product care instructions can be found here http://www.abbyson.com/leather-care-information. Your local hardware stores should carry products to clean and maintain leather and wood furnishings.
Q: I have not received my order yet. How can I get a shipping update?
A: Contact the website (company) where you ordered your furniture. We provide them with timely updates on shipping status and tracking. If you are unable to reach them, you may submit your question to us and we will follow up with the site http://abbyson.com/index.php/contact.
Q: Can I custom order my furniture?
A: Custom orders are only applicable to container orders, if you are interested about our container programs please visit our Omni-Channel Program page (Coming Soon).
Q: I lost my assembly instructions, is there any way to receive another copy?
A: Please contact the website (company) that you ordered your product from. They will request assembly instructions from us and forward it directly to you. If you are unable to reach them, you may submit your request to us. Include the name of the site that you ordered your product from as well as the product name and description. http://abbyson.com/index.php/contact.
Q: Can I get a full product-line catalog?
A: All products are available online.
Q: Why are there irregularities in texture and finish on my wood furniture?
A: These are the distinctive grains of the finished wood. Each piece has different patterns and characteristics making each product unique.
Q: Will my furniture change color or fade over time?
A: Yes. All materials will change in color overtime, but nothing so drastic as to be noticed on a daily basis. The most obvious cause of color fading is the sun. Therefore, occasional rotating of cushions or moving of furniture is advisable to prevent any noticeable color changes.
Q: Where is the furniture made?
A: Abbyson Living furnishings are designed in California and made in our manufacturing facilities throughout Europe & Asia. Our factories employ the highest skilled craftsmen and attention to detail and quality is our priority.
Q: Who should I contact with concerns or questions about my Abbyson Living furniture?
A: Please contact the company that you ordered your product from. All customer service questions should be reported directly to the partner . The company is knowledgeable about Abbyson Living product. If they need our assistance in order to serve you best, they will contact us and we will equip them with what is necessary to serve you. You are a valued customer!
Q: My furniture arrived damaged. What do I do?
A: Report in writing any concerns about your furniture on the delivery paperwork. Next, contact the site immediately and take pictures of any areas of concern. The website will forward us your pictures and we will offer a resolution to them to work with you. You are bound to the terms and conditions that the website upholds. However, as our valued customer we will work our hardest to ensure that you are satisfied with our products.
Q: My local Abbyson Living dealer has not resolved my concerns. What do I do?
A: We hold our partners to high standards, especially their level of customer service. If you have an unresolved issue, which the site has not reported to us, you may send us your inquiry here http://abbyson.com/index.php/contact.
Q: Someone in my area claims they are selling Abbyson Living furniture off of a truck. Are they legitimate?
A: No, Abbyson Living sells new product through authorized retail and e-tail partners.
Q: Is there any store or showroom where I can view the furniture in person?
A: Abbyson products are primarily purchased through online retailers with the exception of a few of big-box retail brands nationwide.
Q: What type of leather does Abbyson use?
A: Abbyson uses different types of leather to match the consumer's needs, such as Top Grain leather, bi-cast leather, and bonded leather.
Q: Where is the leather sourced from?
A: Our leather is mainly sourced from Brazil and Australia.
Q: What is Top Grain leather?
A: Top Grain leather is made out of the second outermost layer of a cowhide. This is the most commonly used leather in the furniture industry as it carries a soft, smooth yet durable finish.
Q: Why are there irregularities in texture and finish on my leather furniture?
A: Top Grain leather is unique in nature. Wrinkles, blemishes and variations in grain texture are normal and add to its overall beauty.
Q: What kind of wood is used in our frames and bedroom sets?
A: Abbyson uses tropical hardwoods in most of case goods which are sourced from countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia.
Q: What is Kiln-Dried hardwood?
A: This refers to wood that has a reduced moisture content before it is used for manufacturing. It is the most effective way to manufacture wood furniture.
Q: I purchased a set and want to buy additional pieces. Where can I purchase from?
A: Abbyson partners with multiple Online Retailers that may sell our line of products individually. Please feel free to fill out our Contact Us page for requests here.
Q: Can our fabrics be scotch-guarded?
A: Abbyson does not recommend using any stain-protectors as they may affect and change the fabric texture. No pre-treatments have been made.
Q: What is the maximum recline angle then?
A: This depends on the product – it may vary from 130 to 145 degrees.
Q: Where can I request additional dimensions or measurements not listed on the vendor site?
A: If additional measurements are needed, please feel free to fill out our Contact Us page here and one of Customer Care Associates will be able to respond to your request.
Q: Do you have a seating cushion comfort scale?
A: Seating comfort is preference-based. What you may think is firm may not be the same for another. Please feel free to fill out our Contact Us page here and one of Customer Care Associates will be able to respond to your request.
Q: What type of floor protectors should I use on my furniture?
A: Most products come with pre-installed floor protectors however if additional rubber or felt pads are preferred, they can be purchased from any local home improvement store.
Q: The furniture I wanted to purchase is out of stock. When will it be available?
A: Abbyson updates its inventory feed daily with our online partners. Please continue to check back on the retailer's website for availability dates.
Q: What is the return policy?
A: Our return policy is specific to your original place of purchase or online retailer.
Q: Can we purchase additional parts?
A: Depending on which part is required, we may or may not charge for additional parts. Please feel free to fill out our Contact Us page here and one of Customer Care Associates will be able to respond to your request.